Find your point of balance with us.
It always seems that something is impossible to do …… until you do it.
The Only Right Method is one that you can afford for a long time. Perseverance in losing weight is more important than the intensity of activities.
The effect you get will reward your persistence.


The effect you get will reward your persistence. Nutrition Programs, Diet Consultation and Guidance for Special occasions for:

It always seems that something is impossible to do …… until you do it.

About Me

Alicja Kalińska

I love what I do, and helping my clients impementing nutritional changes, gives me great satisfaction. At work, I put emphasis on that the diet is tasty and the meals are easy to prepare, and that customers do not have to give up their lifestyle (e.g. eating out). My goal is not only to satisfy patients with cooperation and the results achieved, but also to increase their self-esteem. I do not take away pleasure from eating of tasty food, but I explain how to make controll lases from the assumed restrictions. Many years of experience in working with other people allowed me to develop the most effective methods of introducing changes in the way we eat, maintaining a balance between what we like and what we should eat. I focus on finding the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms.

I graduated the Faculty of Human Nutrition Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, where I also conducted classes for students. I am a member of PTD (Polish society of dietitian) and the founder and author of first nutritional and dietary clinic in Poland – SetPoint. I help clients with various nutritional problems, but my special area of interest is diet therapy in thyroid diseases, hyperinsulinemia and autoimmunology. I am one of the first nutritionists in Poland, I touched upon the topic of Hashimoto’s disease and diets for people with autoimmune disorders.

During over 20 years of my professional work, I have trained over a dozen nutritionists. I conducted trainings and workshops for patients, nutritionists, students and company employees.

So far, the SetPoint experience has been used by well-known companies (Hortex, Oriflame, Kamis, Nałęczowianka, Phillips, Vichy, Coca-Cola, Danone, Dermika, Este Lauder, ENEL-MED, Gymnasion, Henkel, IKEA, Nestle, Reebok). In 2010, I was the only specialist from Poland, invited for a conference in London at the invitation of the Almond Board of California.

Over the years, as an expert, I supported magazines (“Viva”, “InStyle”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Pani”, “Twój Styl”, “Avanti”, “Pani Domu”, “Beauty”, “Olivia”) with my knowledge, as well as television stations (TVP, TVN, Polsat). I am also a co-author and consultant of several books.

I have over 200 publications about diet, eating habits and overweight diseases.

The effect you get will reward your persistence.



Each of us is different in terms of nutritional needs and possibilities of their implementation. This is due to many factors, including work mode, health requirements, whether we are single or live with a partner and children, our physical activity, what we like to eat or what we dislike and of course what are our goals.

That is why I approach each one individually and we refine the action plan together to achieve the client’s goals and introduce permanent changes so that the problem does not keep coming back.

So the cost depends on the length of the cooperation.

Only the price of the first visit is fixed, 150, – for 1 person and 250, – for couples.

What are my customers saying about me?

It always seems that something is impossible to do …… until you do it.


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