SetPoint method

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Setpoint method is the way of weight loss, but most of all, it is the best way to keep healthy and maintain an ideal figure.
We have great experience since we have been perfecting the natural Setpoint method as the only ones in Poland and Europe since 2001. It is based on the regulation of body metabolic balance point called SETPOINT.

For all these years Setpoint diet has been deemed effective by over 15 thousand people. Every day we prove that our diet is healthy, tasty and most of all, cheaper than the previous one, since we take pleasure in eating smaller portions of better products. Our Clients do not waste food (!), therefore, in the course of a few months they may save the equivalent of the cost of co-operation with SetPoint dietician.

Spectacular effects of dieting with SetPoint method (we call them little miracles) give us motivation to develop constantly and improve our skills.
In SetPoint, a team of experienced dieticians, psychologists, doctors with great professional experience work for your success. All of them are fully devoted to their work, therefore, you can be assured that we will help you effectively. I hope our cooperation will be fruitful and you will achieve your goals with the assistance of specialists from SetPoint Nutritional Counselling.

Alicja Kalinska noweAlicja Kalińska
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Our knowledge and expertise are the highest values we share with our Clients. We are not only experts with higher education in our fields (dietetics, human nutrition, psychology, metabolic medicine, aesthetic cosmetology) and experience, but we are also warm and good-natured people.

We call ourselves Nutritional Counsellors since our work is not limited just to preparing diets. We accompany our Clients in various areas of life, keeping in touch with them – in person, by phone, or virtually (by e-mail or Skype). We advise them during the shopping, prepare strategy of “surviving” weddings or holidays. We also teach them how to cope on their own after ending co-operation with SetPoint. We make sure that everybody accomplishes their set goal.    


dietetyk warszawa, odchudzanie warszawa, poradnia dietetyczna warszawa, dieta odchudzająca, nadwaga, otyłość, skuteczne odchudzanie, skuteczna dieta

Setpoint diet is the lifestyle, including ALL products we consume on a daily basis composed in the right proportions. If it is low-calorie, then it may result in weight loss. Setpoint diet is our natural daily menu, whereas nutritional program is the tool that is supposed to help to change the present way of nutrition PERMANENTLY.

Find your Set Point with us!

This motto has accompanied our work and reminds us that we want to achieve the balance between the needs and capabilities of the body. We always start with lowering the body’s setpoint.

To lose weight, you’ve got to eat!

SetPoint dieticians are the persons known both for efficiency in fighting for the ideal weight of our clients and love for culinary art. Their daily work on dietary programs is intertwined with frequently impetuous discussions about the best recipes for delicious dishes, which will be to the liking of even greatest food connoisseurs. Everybody without exception believes that in order to lose weight permanently, you need to eat well and tastily.

Your success is on the plate!

This motto promoting our culinary school - SetPoint Academy - may have many meanings. However, in our understanding it means most of all that the circumstances in which we eat meals every day are as important as their nutritional value. SetPoint Academy is the unique culinary studio, in which SetPoint theory meets practice and everybody has a great time.

Guarantee of a permanent effect!

Setpoint method aims to permanently lower your set point so as to ensure that the body weight reaches an optimal level. Our long-time experience guarantees that you will not be threatened by yo-yo effect!

Not just weight loss!

You will not buy supplements or nutrients in SetPoint. You will not hear that the change of established nutritional habits is simple and easy. You will see that we engage all our hearts, knowledge and experience into our work. And the achieved effect will reward your persistence and stubbornness. Come and see for yourself!

SetPoint diet

dietetyk warszawa, odchudzanie warszawa, poradnia dietetyczna warszawa, dieta odchudzająca, nadwaga, otyłość, skuteczne odchudzanie, skuteczna dieta

A long-term plan of health condition improvement is our specialty. We prepare an individual dietary program for each client in order to help him change the lifestyle permanently. It requires close cooperation with a nutritional counsellor. Every two weeks there are tests and consultations, during which body weight and body composition are checked. The client receives a complex menu with regard to his or her culinary wishes. A dietician remains in touch with the Clients, therefore, she can monitor their progress and introduce necessary modifications to the diet.

Diet prophylaxis

SetPoint diet is also ideal for persons wishing to take care of their health and regulate their menu, which in turn will improve their immunity, concentration ability and advantageously influences their mood.

Culinary School

SetPoint runs a unique culinary school – SetPoint Academy, in which our theory translates into practice. This way we learn to take advantage of pleasure of not only healthy eating but also healthy cooking.

Weight loss

Weight loss is the main, yet not the only reason for applying SetPoint diet. From our point of view, achieving ideal body mass is just one of side effects. However, what is most important is the permanent change of lifestyle and nutrition.

Diet therapy

We also offer dietary programs for persons with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, insulin resistance, diabetes as well as migraines and other ailments who do not allow you to enjoy life fully.

SetPoint MaMa

dietetyk warszawa, odchudzanie warszawa, poradnia dietetyczna warszawa, dieta odchudzająca, nadwaga, otyłość, skuteczne odchudzanie, skuteczna dieta

We are offering a special dietary program to couples planning pregnancy, pregnant women and new mums. It is adjusted to particular needs of pregnant or breastfeeding women. We use SetPoint diet to efficiently support infertility treatment.


For all the Clients who want to learn to solve the most important nutritional problems we organize SetPoint workshops.


Internist – expert in metabolic medicine


dietetyk warszawa, odchudzanie warszawa, poradnia dietetyczna warszawa, dieta odchudzająca, nadwaga, otyłość, skuteczne odchudzanie, skuteczna dieta

If you want to manage your diet and/or body mass, you are probably thinking whether you can do it on your own. However, if it was that simple, dieticians would not have work. Would you repair a car or expensive equipment that is not working properly by yourself? Why then not treat something most precious we have – our body – in a similar way?

If you have decided to cooperate with a dietician, then you just need to choose the most appropriate person.
In ”Why SetPoint?” tab we would like to present the most important arguments for choosing SetPoint dietician.
Our competitive edge constitutes an efficient SetPoint method, which we have solely used in Poland for several years.
Our basic aim is: no yo-yo effect.

SetPoint theory

Your setpoint!
Setpoint is a scientific theory, which assumes that each body aims to achieve biological balance, trying to achieve optimum body mass, i.e. setpoint between our needs and our body capacity. Thanks to the properly selected nutritional model, we can permanently change setpoint and enjoy permanently a slim figure without yo-yo effect.
The answer to your intensive lifestyle...
Setpoint theory is adjusted to the times in which we live. It defines an optimal way of nutrition for people leading intensive lifestyle. Thanks to this method we will cope in daily situations, requiring decisive and unequivocal choices. These choices should not only be proper but also intuitive. Therefore, we have decided to base the operations of our company on Setpoint theory.

Our methods.

We have been perfecting the method of cooperation with Clients for their maximum satisfaction for years. We aim to introduce Setpoint theory into the daily life of the Polish and adjust its rules to our lifestyle. We turned the theory into practice.
Setpoint theory was established in the USA in the 1980s.

Other sources regarding Setpoint theory:
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National Health Association and the American Natural Hygiene Society 

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What is yo-yo effect?
Yo-yo effect is the fluctuation of body weight, i.e. cyclical weight loss and gain. If we use an unwise diet, and we come back to improper nutritional habits, then the return to higher weight will be unavoidable. Frequently, with additional ”bonus”, the bigger, the more rigorous the diet was. When we reach our goal – our dream weight, it is the beginning of your work on yourself.
Lifesaving yo-yo effect!
Do you know that yo-yo effect saves our lives? Using the improper diet, i.e. starving yourself, leads to serious deficiencies in our body. Additionally, when energetic deficit is too great in relation to our needs, and the pace of slimming is too fast, then firstly, we lose mostly water not the fat tissue, and secondly, we lower the pace of metabolism. Therefore, after completing the diet, the body wisely evens the shortages and then the yo-yo effect appears. The greater rigour and energetic deficits in the body, the greater weight gain.

How to use yo-yo effect to your advantage?

The graph of ideal slimming is the curve going down sharply, and then turning into a stepped curve representing weight loss followed by weight stabilization. Crash "miracle diet" ensures only the initial stage, without weight stabilization. When after initial fast weight loss, you start losing kilograms more slowly, it does not necessarily mean that you have to start starving yourself! You have to eat to supply your body with not only calories and nutrients, which are needed to function properly, but also to lower your Setpoint.

Without yo-yo effect in SetPoint

Starting a "miracle diet", which we will quit the moment we reach our dream weight – does not make much sense. An efficient diet is a permanent modification of lifestyle. It should influence advantageously wellbeing and health, and not only a temporary self-esteem. Health slimming is to regulate metabolism, prevent yo-yo effect and effectively optimize body mass. Therefore, the stabilization of Setpoint is the key to slimming.
In SetPoint Dietary Centre, a nutritional counsellor will prepare a diet adjusted to your lifestyle, work pace and taste preferences of the Client so that it becomes an integral part of their lives. Only long-term changes and nutritional awareness will let you forget about yo-yo effect.


You can count on our constant support!
The purpose of cooperation with SetPoint is the regulation of body mass. However, we must provide the Client with knowledge allowing them to make independent and wise nutritional decisions in order to assure that the effect of work remains long-term. The Client may count on constant support of their nutritional counsellor – dietician. Meetings are held in pleasant atmosphere. If there are any nutritional dilemmas between visits (how to behave at the friend’s wedding and/or which pasta to choose in the store), you can always write an email or call and your nutritional counsellor will assist you.
In SetPoint we assume that food is for people… It is to bring pleasure, not to cause a guilty conscience!
Diet based on sacrifice will be inefficient in the long run!
Change for better requires engagement and work, but the effect is worth it!

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