Whatever your reason for the visit in SetPoint Dietary Centre, cooperation with a nutritional counsellor begins with the initial, one-hour consultation with computer examination of body composition.

What shall I expect on the first visit?

During the first consultation, a SetPoint dietician will carry out a detailed dietary interview, enquire about the state of your health, culinary preferences and of course the aim of the visit. Then the body composition will be examined with the body composition analyzer. Based on collected information, a SetPoint nutritional counsellor will suggest an optimal solution. Moreover, a common goal will be set with regard to cooperation, its course and cost. 

How to prepare for the first visit?

» Prior to the first visit, we would like to ask you write down all products (including drinks) consumed during at least three days, two weekdays and one day off work. You may find the ready-to-print form available here>>> useful.
» It is advisable to bring up-to-date test results (general blood test, urine test). They will be help the dietician to prepare a diet.
» You should be prepared to answer questions about lifestyle and culinary preferences as well as to have your body composition examined.
» It is good to prepare a list of meals and products which we like and which we dislike. Dietician collects such information to prepare a diet that is not only properly balanced but also suits Clients with regard to smell, flavour, etc.

What are the following visits for?

The following visits are to monitor progress, but most of all, they serve as support to the Client. Each time the dietician prepares a nutritional plan for the following two weeks, carries out body composition measurement and provides advice to the Client. The proper level of Client’s engagement and motivation is of utmost significance.

What is the role of nutritional counsellor?

» Prepares menu individually adjusted to up-to-date health condition (allergies, high blood pressure, etc.), flavour preferences and lifestyle.
» Remains in constant contact with the Client by mail or phone.
» Helps to solve current problems connected with sticking to the diet and fighting daily temptations.
» Advises which meals to choose at family meetings, business meetings or weddings.
» Helps to return to keeping the diet in case of breaking the diet.
» Teaches how to eliminate any dietary mistakes and how to make proper dietary choices.


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