Alicja Kalinska nowemgr inż. Alicja Kalińska

Director of SetPoint Dietary Centres, dietician, nutritional counsellor. Specialist in human nutrition, graduate of Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW (2000).
Professional experience. Alicja is the author of a modern method of weight loss used in SetPoint, prepared based on long-time cooperation with patients. She is a specialist in nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as the influence of the diet on health and appearance. She is cooperating with beauty parlours and fitness clubs. She consults articles in women’s and trade press. She is a dietary expert of TVN Style and "I want to be beautiful" program broadcast in Polsat. She sets the bar high for her co-workers, therefore, her team can boast exceptional competencies and achievements. Alicja establishes a very close contact with a patients, which is of crucial importance when it comes to the effectiveness of a slimming diet. Her articles are the real voice of reason among dietary information, particularly with regard to weight loss. Menus prepared by her encourage even greatest sceptics to verify improper nutritional habits. As a nutritional counsellor with 11-year experience and a mum of two children, she follows her own setpoint rule that she has checked several times, i.e. the balance between what we like and what we should eat.
Alicja about herself: "I love cuisine, planning the shopping and most of all, cooking itself. I am not a fan of cleaning but when the moment comes for cooking it is also the moment when the kitchen is the cleanest. My weakness is that I do not have to buy sweets, which I love, I can quickly conjure them up in my own kitchen. When I feel like sinning, I bake an enormous layer cake – mousse made of 3 kinds of chocolate and ... invite my friends. My life motto: If you love, love a prince; if you steal, steal millions; if you sin …., sin with something insanely delicious. And more trivially: do not eat just because something is in front of you."


Articles/appearance in the media:,1,newest,18715.html,28,1/2208-rozmowa-z-ekspertem,447046.html,Wiosenna-glodowka-co-nas-nie-zabije-to-nas-wzmocni,24-kwietnia-Wtorek-w-Czterech-Porach-Roku,1,newest,12809.html,1,newest,14515.html 


z11mgr inż. Elżbieta Duda-Gmurczyk

Nutritional counsellor, dietician. Specialist in human nutrition. Graduate of Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW.

Professional experience. She gained first experiences of working with patients during internships in Dietary Clinic of Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, in Clinical Hospital at Banacha street and in Nałęczów health resort. She dealt with problems of patients with overweight and obesity and accompanying ailments. Currently she is working in SetPoint Dietary Centre with overweight and obese patients helping them to attain proper body weight and improve their appearance. She is teaching her patients how to implement rules of healthy nutrition so that they do not collide with their active lifestyle. She is also dealing with issues of proper nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding women. She is an optimistic and cheerful person. She is determined that the patient reaches the set goal. She offers practical solutions to persons whose professional life collides with the willingness and need to take care of their own health and appearance.

Ela about herself: ”I simply like my job. Every new person in my consulting room is an interesting story and a challenge. My long-time experience convinces me that there are no problems that could not be solved. Each meeting is different, each story is different but everything ends well. My clients are losing kilograms and enjoy eating in a healthy way, and I am satisfied with the effects. Privately, I am keen on travelling, I visit my favourite places in Europe and around the world. Mostly, I love setting off in a car since it gives me the opportunity of stopping at any place and tasting all regional dishes. I like eating, tasting, savouring and discovering. Since December, 2011 I have been a happy, working and very active mum. Life has this amazing quality that it is unique and special just like my clients and … me.”

Articles/appearance in the media:,7-czerwca-Wtorek-w-Czterech-Porach-Roku,Gdy-po-calonocnej-imprezie-przychodzi%E2%8%A6-dzien 


dr n. hum. Martyna Głuszek-Osuch

Psychologist, motivation trainer. Graduate of MA and Phd studies at the Faculty of Psychology of Warsaw University. She works in Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw at Wołoska street in the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology with Non Specific Enteritis Unit.
Professional experience: In her work she helped, among others, bariatric patients with obesity during the period prior to and after the surgery (Military Institute of Medicine), patients with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), women who experienced domestic violence (Centre for Domestic Violence Victims DOM), persons with depressions, lower mood, motivation decrease, having trouble dealing with stress. She ran numerous classes and trainings for students on interpersonal communication, assertiveness, professional burnout (Department of Psychology at Warsaw University, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce).
In SetPoint she provides psychological support to patients. Most of all, she helps persons suffering from overweight, obesity, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, compulsive heating), crises, life difficulties, excessive stress, low self-esteem, depression, post-dramatic stress disorder, professional burnout. She offers individual consultations, conducts cognitive-behavioural therapy and workshops. She supports patients in the following situations: crises, lowered motivation, lowered mood, difficulties in dealing with stress. At work, good contact with patient, respect, understanding and empathy as well as motivating the patient to achieve their goals are of utmost importance.

Martyna about herself: "I work in cognitive-behavioural trend. I love working with people and for people. Each meeting with patient is an unforgettable experience for me. In her spare time, I enjoy travelling, reading, meeting with friends, doing yoga, horse-riding. I have three daughters (11, 8 and 2 years old) who motivate me to act."

Głuszek-Osuch, M. (2005). Objawy PTSD u pielęgniarek. Referat na XXXII Zjeździe Naukowym Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychologicznego. Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków 22-25.09.2005.
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dr n. med. Marcin Radkowski

M.D. Graduate of Warsaw Medical University, since 2009 a specialist in internal medicine. Her professional interests include nutritional, metabolic and preventive medicine, which she has been practising for over 5 years, as well as diagnostics of rare ailments. Moreover, at work she takes advantage of knowledge gained at MediPrevent trainings of the French Association of Doctors for preventive medicine as well as research of the Nutrilite Institute in California. She runs lectures and trainings for patients regarding prophylaxis, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Professional experience. 7-year-experience at the Internal Department of Railway Hospital in Pruszków specializing in diabetes and gastrology treatment, 5-year-experience at the Emergency Room, and then at the Emergency Room in hospital in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. For 3 years she has been working at Primary Health Care Clinic of Military Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Warsaw as well as she has been consulting on patients of Dietetics Clinic.
Marcin about himself: ”Medicine, internal medicine in particular, constitutes the most interesting profession in the world. My work is similar to the one of the detective, it never repeats and may always surprise you – therefore, it is my passion. I never agree with the idea that ”it has to be this way” - I always look for solutions. I consider my job as one of the counsellor that helps me uncover and understand mechanisms behind good and bad mood of each person allowing for taking care of the body and mind properly. Freeing patient from the disease and ailments gives me immense satisfaction. I know that everybody can help themselves – everything is the matter of motivation...”


z13dr n. med. Tomasz Chomiuk
Physical therapist, personal trainer.

Graduate of Warsaw Medical University and University of Physical Education. Currently he is a lecturer of physiotherapy at several universities, specialist in training and athletic recovery. He carries out scientific research regarding the influence of physical training on the parameters of the heart and vascular system.
Professional experience. He is the author of articles published in specialist medical journals. The participant of many conferences on physiotherapy and sport. He completed the course of orthopaedic manual therapy with Kaltenborn method, manual therapy according to Plaatsman concept, course of Medical Functional Training used in sport and rehabilitation, integrative Bodywork massage, Work - Site and many other massages. He is the instructor of Kinesiogerontoprophylaxis and Nordic Walking. He gained experience in clinics and known SPA centres.

Tomasz about himself: "Physiotherapy is the sector of medicine, which fascinated me and made the job my passion. I decided to specialize in orthopaedics and sport medicine, mostly, because I cannot imagine my life without sport. My favourite forms of exercise are functional training, jogging, swimming, cycling and Nordic Walking."

"Wpływ systematycznego treningu fizycznego limitowanego tętnem na parametry sercowo - naczyniowe u osób po 65 roku życia".
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