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Do you know that ...
» Proper nutrition and proper weight of parents-to-be enables women to get pregnant more easily.
» Healthy nutrition and proper body mass growth in each trimester of pregnancy determines the return to good physical condition after childbirth.
» Proper nutrition during pregnancy influences proper baby development and at the same time ensures the mother’s health, beauty and fitness.
» Product quality in new mother’s diet significantly influences maintaining proper body weight, reduces the risk of allergies and increases the immunity of a woman and child.
» In the first trimester of pregnancy, the demand for mum’s-to-be energy does not change, whereas in the second and third trimester, it is increased by only about 300 kcal a day, whereas the demand for vitamins and minerals increases from the first day even of 50-100%.

Take advantage of SetPoint Mama package!

Take care of the proper development of your child while you are pregnant!
SetPoint Mama package includes:
• An hour-consultation with SetPoint counsellor – a dietary interview, body mass measurement
• Control visits every 2 weeks
• Dietary advice for each trimester of pregnancy
• Diets with recipes
• Control visits and body composition measurement after childbirth and during breastfeeding
Constant contact and care of SetPoint nutritional counsellor

And what about dads-to-be?
We provide advice on how to take care of mum’s proper nutrition so that she regains her figure soon after childbirth. We may, for example, provide the suggested shopping list for the first days after coming home.



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