How do we calculate costs of cooperation with SetPoint?

You don’t pay for single visits or tests in SetPoint. During the first meeting with SetPoint nutritional counsellor, the scope of cooperation with regard to Client’s needs and possibilities. Such estimated cost of the diet is divided into instalments paid on following visits.
There is a possibility of one-off payment for the diet in advance. Then you are eligible for the discount. In order to make taking a decision easier we always offer numerous discounts. We also organize seasonal promotions, both for new, present and previous Clients.

How much does a diet in SetPoint Dietary Centre cost?

The cost of cooperation with SetPoint Nutritional Counselling calculated per day will cost as much as a “dinner” set in a popular fast food restaurant or large coffee with ice-cream, whipped cream and syrup, or two cupcakes with fruit and a bottle of sweet soft drink.

How do you save with SetPoint?

Every day everybody spends small change on things you could do without or at least limit. The thing is that in the course of a year this money spent daily on a can of Coke, a sandwich or a candy bar gives to a significant amount that could be spent on the development of your awareness.
» you eat less but you eat products of better quality
» you work more effectively
» you live longer, better and healthier
» you are in a better mood
» you do thought through shopping
» you do not save food preparing such meals as your body needs
» you do not spend money on unnecessary supplements and medicine

Invested money motivates!

Many Clients think that using SetPoint services is expensive. However, having completed a dietary program – or even during the program – they admit that born costs are nothing in comparison with what they have received in return.

“Each time I saw a chocolate cookie I knew that if I had eaten it, I would have wasted the money. I am motivated by money – I don’t like to waste it.” Rafał Ferber
“I have told everybody that if I hadn’t paid the first installment for the program, I would have quit the diet, since the first days were very, very difficult for me. It paid off to take pains, now I know it as I am richer in experience and achieved goals.“

Monika Lipiec



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