Body composition measurement is carried out by a nutritional counsellor with the use of professional equipment. The analysers used in SetPoint Dietary Centres ensure great accuracy and minimize the possibility of measurement mistakes – contrary to the tests carried out on simple equipment in shopping centres or pharmacies where the measurement mistakes amount to even 20%.
Body composition measurement is carried out on analyzers with BIA method of bioelectrical impedance (measurement of resistance of tissues to flowing electric impulse).


1. A nutritional counsellor introduces data concerning: sex, age and height of the test subject to the body composition analyzer (the device measures body mass by itself).
2. The person undergoing the test stands barefoot on the platform, at a set place so that the feet touch the electrodes. During the measurement, one needs to stand in a stable positions with your knees not bent.
3. The measurement lasts about 30 seconds. After its completion, the display shows the content of fat tissue, fat-free body mass and water in the body. The results of the measurements will also be printed out.

The current emitted through the body composition analyzer during the measurement is safe for the human being (very low voltage and high frequency). However, prophylactically it is not recommended to test pregnant women and people with integrated electronic devices, e.g. cardiac pacemaker.

In SetPoint dietary centre we use the following analyzers: BIO Space InBody 230, TANITA TBF 300, TANITA TBF 410. All these devices are characterised by high laboratory precision and a wide range of measurement.

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