See what you will gain when going on a diet with SetPoint!

Over 30 feasible advantages resulting from dieting with SetPoint Nutritional Counseling are as follows:)

1. You will lower the risk of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other diet-dependent diseases.

Having started a SetPoint diet, our Clients observe the improvement of cholesterol and triglycerides level in blood and regulation of blood pressure. All these factors are significant tools in the prophylaxis of civilization diseases.

2. You will improve your life comfort.

If you feed your body well, it will cope better with the processes of aging to which we are all exposed. Appropriately adjusted SetPoint diet may extend your life expectancy of even 20 years!
Many of our clients are suffering from hypothyroidism. During our cooperation we are able to significantly decrease the discomfort caused by the disease.

3. You will help your genes work property. If you are genetically predisposed to a particular disease, you may decrease the risk of its disease and minimize any genetic mutations.

You may say that everything we eat influences gene expression, directly or indirectly, through metabolites (substances created in our body). We aim to supply the body with necessary ingredients in appropriate proportions. You may learn it in SetPoint.

4. You will stop or even reverse the effects of a diet-dependent disease or diseases.

Many persons suffer from visceral obesity (fat tissue accumulates in abdominal cavity), which leads to the development of diabetes, circulatory system diseases or the fall of “padded” organs’ competence. Thanks to a well-balanced diet, the doctor may decrease doses of some medicine.

5. You will start enjoying vigour and vitality –getting up early, chasing the bus, running up the stairs – will not constitute a problem any longer.

”Recently I have been on a trip and putting the suitcase on the conveyor belt I noticed the number of kilograms I lost. I realized that for 7 years I carried the suitcase everywhere with me – strangely enough I was out of breath after running to the 4th floor, I disliked exercising, I did not like sunbathing and going to the beach … uff … but it is all behind me now! I put the suitcase into the wardrobe!” Dorota 
”Apart from many kilograms fewer, I have much more energy, a new hairstyle, I enjoy going for walks or to the café with my husband, and I run to the 4th floor carrying the shopping!” Dorota 

6. You will not give in to seasonal colds and virus or bacteria attacks.

A varied diet provides our body with all necessary ingredients, and thanks to SetPoint nutritional counsellors, our Clients effortlessly implement it into their daily schedule.
“Not only do I feel lighter but also healthier, I get tired less easily, I perspire less, I get sick less frequently – It’s good!” AnnaN

7. You will boost your concentration and creativity.

Many scientists have been interested in nutrition - Hipocrates (father of medicine) said ”let food be thy medicine”; da Vinci, Pitagoras, Sokrates – were advocates of vegetarianism. You need to emphasize, however, that during their times fish and seafood were part of a vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, the concentration problems happen to everyone. Daily stress and too much drunk coffee do not influence our brain advantageously. However, after implementing SetPoint nutritional rules, our Clients notice a considerable change, lesser degree of ”mental fatigue”.

8. You will feel attractive again – slim figure, strong hair and nails, beaming skin.

Some effects are noticeable after a week, others after several months. You need to be patient and diligent to notice the effects of a well-balanced diet, but the effect is worth it!
“Finally, I must brag that I have been hearing all the time how beautiful I look and I seem to have got a bit slimmer again.” Marta Rachon

9. You will learn how to compose a healthy meal on your own or deal with nutritional “crises” – barbecue, wedding reception... There is always a way out – we will teach you to find it.

”As always at Christmas, there were numerous occasions to fill up the stomach… That was hard.. Mum bought lots of food for me (gluten-free) and expected me to eat everything.. I tried to be moderate, but I was also stressed whether I am not going to be shocked by what my scales would show when I came back home. Additionally, my mum makes delicious pierogi.. And THOSE PARTICULAR ONES only once a year. So how not to gain weight? However, it turned out that the scales did not punish me too hard, everything was ok. YES!”
Piotr Year with a new stomach/comment-page-1/#comment-120   
To my great surprise the greatest success is not whether the scales shows half a kilo less or more (although it is very important:)) but that I learned to eat sensibly, not torture myself cutting down on everything I like.”

10. You will learn time management and consistency in your action (not only nutritional).

You will face a difficult choice of organizing meals, but thanks to the help of SetPoint specialists, you will manage it well. Our Clients often use these newly acquired organizational abilities at work, which sometimes results in promotion.
”The lack of variety I covered with fast food or sweets. The effect? …probably known to all those on a diet. I excused myself with the lack of time but today I know that there is no more misleading statement – buying frankfurters and bread takes as much time as buying pepper and smoked fish, and the latter do not need any preparations! The same with other meals – boiling potatoes and frying a pork chop takes much more time than grilling fish with vegetables. Do not give in to stereotypes and slogans! We do not eat badly due to the lack of time or money .. only due to the lack of motivation and imagination! Ech … this fish really inspired me.”

11. You will learn to listen to your body and respond to its needs.

SetPoint Clients joke that when they started the diet, they needed to set the alarm clock every three hours so as not to forget they needed to eat. After several weeks they quit wearing watches because the stomach itself regularly demanded food. Additionally, they eat as much as their body needs.
”I have already switched to healthy lifestyle, my body decides when to eat. I can set the alarm clock according to my stomach. At 1 pm it starts playing like a bugle call from St Mary’s church tower demanding food.”
“My body demands food every 3-4 hours, if I eat too few vegetables during the day, then I feel like eating a pepper or a cucumber.” Dorota

12. You will overcome your physical limitations – the choice of sport discipline will not be a problem any longer. And how about extreme sports? :)

When we are not limited by the excess of kilograms and the mind works more efficiently, we can afford more than a bicycle and the swimming pool. When our Clients eat proper products, they are tired more slowly and they feel like doing sport. You can also count on the trainer-physiotherapist, co-operating with SetPoint on regular basis.
” I am enrolling into the diving course plus the swimming pool… I have always wanted to do that and I have dreamed about it… so there is no better time than a new year… new weight …a new swimming suit:D (at least I won’t be ashamed to tell the instructor how much I weigh:)”

13. You will derive more energy from sleep. You will need less time to relax and you will recover faster. 

When you go to sleep on a full stomach, your body must decide whether to digest or rest at night. Whatever choice it is going to make, one of the processes is going to suffer. SetPoint Clients get into the habit of eating satiated supper 2-3 hours before going to sleep, therefore, their bodies may take advantage of well-deserved rest.
14. You will regain your form faster after injuries, fractures or illness.
To regenerate your body, SetPoint diet is rich in essential vitamins and mineral ingredients and supplies proteins indispensable in the processes of defence, restoration or regeneration of a weakened body.

15. You will get to know a greater variety of flavours and you will derive more pleasure from food.

Despite initial difficulties in giving up your favourite culinary sins, some of our Clients complain that they do not enjoy eating in their favourite “fast food” restaurant any more.
”Another fantastic solution –my placebo. Providing that I will stop at one lump of chocolate (bitter:)), I can add it to the most ordinary semolina. At first I thought it was better than nothing. But it turned out to be delicious since I guess after all those sacrifices, my taste buds “weakened” and I feel this one lump with a double strength.” Marta

16. You will become an ”omnivore”. You will not be afraid of getting bloated or indigestion. You will widen your culinary horizons.

During the first meeting, the Clients together with a dietician prepare a list of products, which they don’t like, cause flatulence or are not tolerated in any way. SetPoint dietary consultants unanimously admit that during the following visits the list gets shorter and shorter on the Client’s initiative.

17. You will select one size and you will avoid yo-yo effect, therefore, you will save on clothes.

People who decide on a yearly nutritional program not only effectively lose excessive kilograms, but thanks to the second stage of the program (control and stabilization of nutritional habits) are able to say goodbye to yo-yo effect for good.

18. You will stop spending money on non-essential doctor appointments and medicine. You will not wait in long queues to the doctor!

Some of our Clients manage to lower dosage of taken medicine, not to mention avoiding expensive and complicated surgical procedures. Since they eat healthily, they are more immune to seasonal illnesses as well as those developing for years.

19. You will neither waste money on miraculous diets nor repeat slimming diets infinitely. We should diet maximum twice in our lives: the first and the last :).

Since SetPoint nutritional counsellors remain in constant touch with Clients (frequently after completing a dietary program) old nutritional habits and problems connected with them do not return. SetPoint diet is the last they use and keep to it for the rest of their lives.
”Life is beautiful and it is worth listening to professionals. Everybody has their own specialization and to eat well, you need to consult dieticians not watch commercial!”

20. You will not be tricked into paying for ”super” products, you will become a conscious consumer.

Our clients learn when supplementation is essential, what is behind the catchwords ”light”, or ”fit”, or ”fitness”. They can decide what is healthy – without the “help” of advertising or slogans.
“Thanks to Alice, I have already learnt a few secrets and myths regarding health nutrition, so I know what I choose.”
Marta Rachon 

21. You will save money on shopping (processed food is more expensive than ”natural”) and you will not waste food any more.

SetPoint clients toast that they eat everything there is in the fridge and nothing ever goes off. Nothing gets wasted due to conscious shopping. Additionally, they do not feel the need to purchase expensive energy drinks and stodgy snacks.
“ I am spending less money as well – I am talking about shopping – fast food, eating quickly, unhealthy snacks are no longer on the menu.”

22. You will sign up for beauty treatments for pleasure, not necessity. Act from inside rather than outside.

Properly balanced diet in connection with physical activity will definitely work better than an anti-cellulite cream. Nothing improves the structure and colouring of the skin as the diet with proper composition of fatty acids and proteins that works from the inside.

23. You will ensure yourself unlimited possibilities as far as your clothes are concerned.

Everything looks well on a slim figure. If you feel well in your own skin, any outfit will be just an addition :).
Our Clients do not have to think about which colour makes them look fatter and which slimmer. They just wear what they like.
”I left some clothes from ”the old times" just in case – hoping to lose weight one day! I am slowly fulfilling this dream and I love the feeling when dreams come true!!” ~K. 

24. You will get a better job since you look better and feel more self-confident.

Appearance is very important in many professions, since it may arouse trust and liking in our colleagues or business partners. Therefore, many SetPoint Clients consider the participation in a nutritional programme to be good investment in themselves and their professional career.

25. You will learn self-acceptance – nobody is perfect. See for yourself that health, daily vitality give great satisfaction.

It is not the loss of kilograms itself that guarantees better self-esteem, but hard work that has been put into the process. Learn of your strength, determination and perseverance with SetPoint. Appreciate yourself since it is the essential element of self-acceptance.
“I start to accept my appearance. The effects drive me to make new resolutions - 10:0… we’re still in the game” AnnaN 

26. Invested money will motivate you to further changes or maintaining them.

Many Clients think that using SetPoint services is expensive, however, after completing a nutritional program (or even during the program) they admit that born costs are nothing in comparison with what they gained in return.
“I told everybody that if I hadn’t paid the first installment for the nutritional program, I would have quit the diet since the first days were very difficult for me. However, it paid off to fatigue myself; I know that as I am now richer in experience and goals achieved so far.”
Monika Lipiec 

27. Due to greater amount of energy, time and money, you will have more possibilities of widening your horizons, discovering new hobbies.

During the following meetings, SetPoint nutritional counsellors encourage Clients to develop their hobbies, search for new activities. Thanks to a balanced diet, many of them do not feel like sitting in front of the TV or the computer, they are more willing to go out, try new things, experience life fully.

28. You will control your internal "thermometer" and you will bear heat and frost more easily.

SetPoint Clients work out the habit of drinking water regularly, which is essential for our health since water helps our body to control body temperature changes.

29. You will become self-assured due to your attractiveness.

“In the beginning, I was ashamed to talk about the diet and trying to lose weight, but now I feel more and more confident and prettier.”

30. You will be able to control your wellbeing more consciously.

What we eat influences our wellbeing. Nutritional ingredients contained in our food directly influence the production of serotonin in our brain, whose lower level may make us feel anxious, aggressive, have sleep and concentration problems or even experience depression.

31. You will learn of your strength and boost your confidence. If you manage to see the diet through, nothing will stand on way of your success.

SetPoint offers assistance and support to its Clients, however, the effects of the program depend only and solely on their willingness, motivation and perseverance. Keeping a proper diet and weight proves your strong will and internal strength of our Clients.

32. You will get to know mechanisms responsible for ”bad” whims and you will learn how to avoid them.

SetPoint diet is closely based on person’s physiological needs. Nutritional counsellors make sure the Clients know why certain products should be avoided and how they can be exchanged for healthy snacks.

33. You will learn how to deal with emotions and manager stress. As a ”together” person, you will support your friends and family.

Thanks to regular meal intake, you will ensure the constant access of glucose to the brain, whose shortage results in the mood swing. Moreover, SetPoint Clients remain under the care of a psychologist who supports them in fight with stress and negative emotions.

34. You will take care of your family and friends’ health thanks to the knowledge you will gain from us.

”At first, baked fish and vegetables. Yummy... A trivial recipe, simple, yet a healthy and delicious meal. My wife and kids were delighted with it as well and now they are looking forward to me preparing it.”

”My family has taken to my new approach to food. I sleep well knowing that my family and 2 children eat healthily, too.”

35. You will gain respect of people observing your “metamorphosis”.

Clients share their opinions with us, telling that their friends were not so much surprised by the loss of weight as by the lack of yo-yo effect. After completing the program, SetPoint diet becomes “normal” food for everybody!
“In my line of business keeping your word is important. People witnessed me lose about 18 kilograms in 4 months. They saw me as a reliable man that can be trusted.” Rafał Ferber

36. You will attract people and increase the number of your friends by enjoying life and smiling constantly. People will want to be and cooperate with you.

The majority of diets is associated with sacrifice and starvation, and it is a well known fact that a hungry person is an angry person. You couldn’t be more wrong! Our Clients change completely having completed nutritional programs. Previously tired and anxious, they become happy, rested and full of energy! Many of them boast better results at work and the improvement of atmosphere at home.

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